Cherry Blossom Season 2012 - Update for 2013


Likelihood of blooming on the weekend of:
April 26-28: = 80%

It is finally time to bust out the picnic blanket! Like everyone else, we were wondering when the staff at High Park will announce the coming of the cherry blossoms. Check out route info below on the best spots to be, and cross your fingers that it rains right before it gets warm and the trees start to bloom!

SEASON 2012 - Sakura, Sakura! This week is Cherry Blossom season in Toronto. With a full bloom expected by April 14, if you feel like observing this rite of spring, head down to High Park for Sakura Hanami, roughly translated from Japanese as “cherry blossom flower viewing”.

On the official High Park website, visitors to the park are encouraged to take public transit due to the large crowds expected this weekend. The spectacular flowering of the Sakura (Japanese flowering cherry) trees is not to be missed – cherry blossoms are delicate and their season is short, hence their allure.

The blooming of High Park’s Sakura trees typically occurs in late April – early May. Due to the mild winter, expect a bumper crop of cherry blossoms. Below are recommended walking paths, courtesy of

Walk #1
This walk offers beautiful views of High Park's largest collection of Sakura trees as well as Grenadier Pond and Hillside Gardens. Watch for Baltimore Orioles that have just migrated back to the park feeding on nectar from the Sakura blossoms while you wander under the trees.

This walk is approximately 30-45 minutes along paved trails that can be quite steep in some places.

Walk #2
This walk features the grove of Sakura trees donated by the Iwasaki family in 1984 as well as the Children's Adventure Playground and the Lower Duck Pond. There are fewer Sakura trees on this 20 minute walk, but side trips to the Adventure Playground and High Park Zoo are great fun for younger visitors.